Road Trip around Wisconsin’s Borders Time-Lapse


On September 3rd, 2015, my brother and I embarked on a road trip around the borders of Wisconsin in my Ford Mustang. Over five days, we traveled 1,456 miles across four states, all of which were captured with time-lapse photography and drone videography.

Our route began in Delavan, Wisconsin and followed a clockwise pattern around the borders, beginning with the left bottom corner of Wisconsin – Dubuque, Iowa. We traveled through cities in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan: Dubuque, Prairie du Chien, Lansing, Cashton, Minneapolis, Superior, Cornucopia, Bayfield, Eagle River, Marinette, Menomonee, Green Bay, Sheboygan, and Milwaukee.

The song is Days Like These by Benji Jackson and is available for purchase at

Half Wisconsin/Iowa – Mississippi Bridge in Lansing, Iowa

Wisconsin-Iowa Border in Lansing



If you ever find yourself near Lansing, Iowa, be sure to visit Mount Hosmer Park, which is located to the upper right of the town in this picture. There is a lookout over the Mississippi that provides an amazing view of the Mississippi River and the Wisconsin border from 450 feet above the water.

Captured by: Jordan Job
Date: September 3rd ,2015
Location: Iowa/Wisconsin Border in Lansing, Iowa

Sunset Shines through The Domes in Milwaukee

The Domes (2 of 4)


The Domes (4 of 4)


The Domes (3 of 4)


Mitchell Park Conservatory, also known as The Domes, stand out on the horizon in Milwaukee. Built between 1959 and 1967, each of these oddly shaped buildings maintains a unique environment that allows plants from various climates to thrive. If you want to learn more about The Domes, check out their website here.

Captured by: Jordan Job
Date: August 2015
Location: The Domes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Old Country Cheese Factory in Cashton

Old Country Cheese (1 of 1)


Two of my grandparents lived just down the road from Old Country Cheese. Like a true Wisconsinite, I have been eating fresh cheese curds from there since before I can remember.

Old Country Cheese is a cheese factory, but they also have a store where you can pick up cheese curds so fresh that they are still warm and have a refreshing squeak when you bite into them.

Captured by: Jordan Job
Date: August 2015
Location: Old Country Cheese in Cashton, Wisconsin